Automatic dosing detergents

Concentrated detergents, specific for automatic dosing in automatic and professional laundries. Products specific for every fabric, whites or coloured, and effective against each kind of dirt. Alkalines and bleaches for every washing program.


Neutralizing softener

Flos wonder

Laundry double-function detergent

Flos white

Laundry washing detergent for white fabrics

Flos 218

Laundry alkaline booster

Eto proxy

Bleach already effective at low temperature

Stabil clor

Stabilized chlorine bleach


Stabilized oxygen bleach

Dely long

Laundry neutralizer

Flos cold 45

Concentrated enzymatic detergent

Flos 075

Laundry enzymatic detergent

Flos clever

Laundry concentrated enzymatic detergent