Stabil clor

Stabilized chlorine bleach

PH 12

  • Laundry chlorine bleach
  • Eliminates coloured stains
  • Removes proteins

Standard packaging

24 kg tank: 36 TANKS X PALLET

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Laundry chlorine bleach that eliminates colored stains like coffee, tea, wine, blood


Thanks to the high concentration it guarantees the removal of colored spots and
protein residues.
It can be used in the washing cycles of white fabrics and resistant colours; however, it must not be used on clothes soiled with chlorhexidine disinfectants.
Product designed to be automatically dosed in laundries: it is normally added during the prewash at a maximum temperature of 40 ° C.
The possible hypochlorite residue can be neutralized by adding an oxygen based bleach.
Thanks to the particular stabilized formulation, the oxidizing effect is guaranteed even during the summer periods.
The product is also used for chlorinating swimming pool water.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.