Environment & bathroom

Our compact line products designed for environments and bathrooms hygiene: floor cleaning detergents, degreasers, products specific for every surface of your bathroom, as well as a liquid soap pleasantly scented.

Poket no ink

Ink cleaner compliant with CAM criteria

Poket sgrass

All-purpose degreaser detergent

Poket floor

Hygienizing floor cleaner detergent

Poket Igienist

Sanitizing multi purpose detergent RTU

Poket oblò

Complete Laundry Powder

Poket densochlor

Dense bleach


Disinfectant for external use

Poket tuttobagno

Descaling detergent for bathrooms

Poket wc

Toilet bowl detergent descaler

Poket soap

Handwashing liquid soap

Poket vetri

Streak free glass and surface cleaner

Poket bagno spray

Bathroom cleaner detergent