Flos white

Laundry washing detergent for white fabrics

PH 8

  • Specific for white fabrics like cotton, linen, towels and tablecloths
  • With bleaching technologies that keep white long
  • Low foam concentrated formula

Standard packaging

20 kg tank: 36 TANK X PALLET

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Concentrated liquid detergent effective even at low temperatures. Low foam product
which, thanks to its whitening technology, keeps the cotton and cotton blend fibers
bright and white over time.


Concentrated product, the special formula has an effective detergent and whitening
action on fabrics even at low temperatures allowing significant energy savings and
improving the impact on the environment.
Thanks to its efficacy at low temperatures, it is also indicated for ozone washing.
Uncolored and unscented detergent.
The product is designed to be automatically dosed in laundries: it can be used in
combination with the alkalizing agent TECNET FLOS 218; the washing cycle can be ended with a neutralizing softener.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.