Flos 218

Laundry alkaline booster

PH 13

  • Suitable for all waters
  • To be used with automatic dosing systems
  • Helps removing spots from fabrics

Standard packaging

24 kg tank: 36 TANKS X PALLET

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Alkalizing agent to be used in combination with the detergent in the laundry washing phase.
The supply of alkalinity promotes the removal of fat, grease and organic residues from the tissues without damaging them


Increases the power of the detergent, making its dispersing and emulsifying properties more pronounced.
Formulation with high alkalinity, suitable for use in water softened at temperatures
above 50 ° C.
The presence of suspending agents and sequestrants allows the removal of inorganic
stains and prevents the redeposition of dirt on fabrics.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.