Scented floor cleaners

Detergents floor cleaners with concentrated formulas and lovely scents: fruity, floral and musky, suited to washer-dryers and single disc machines.

Gea lemon pav

Scented floor detergent

Blu talc

Detergent for polished surfaces

Brian orange

Alcoholic floor cleaner- orange blossom scented

Bran rose

Alcoholic floor cleaner- floreal scented

Brian apple

Alcoholic floor cleaner- apple scented

Slid cedro

Floor cleaner detergent- lemon scented

Slid provenza

Floor cleaner detergent- lavender scented

Slid ribes

Floor cleaner detergent- berries scented

Long lux

Polishing floor detergent- lotus scented

Long fresh

Polishing floor detergent- lavender and chamomile scented

Long gel

Gel floor detergent

Long seven

Neutral detergent

Brian masc

Alcoholic floor cleaner- musk scented

Brian blum

Alcoholic floor cleaner- flowers scented