Medical devices

Our complete range of disinfectants registered at Ministry of Health which includes both products for personal use such as our hand-sanitizer and for sanitization of surfaces. Effectiveness is granted by passing of laboratory tests approved by the Ministry.

Medisept P.M.361

Disinfectant for external use for domestic and civil use

Iper 4 germicida balsamico

Disinfectant for external use

Ana 4 germicida deodorante

Cation disinfectant

Medisept 1000

Concentrated liquid disinfectant detergent for surfaces


Disinfectant liquid for surfaces based on ethyl alcohol


Hand disinfectant gel based on ethyl alcohol


Liquid disinfectant detergent rtu

Kilsan with citrus

Liquid disinfectant detergent rtu


Multipurpose bactericide disinfectant without rinse


Germicidal disinfectant for objects and environments

Medisept P.M. 361 PLUS

Disinfectant for external use for domestic and civil use

Acca 4 Germicida inodore

Cation disinfectant and detergent with high germicidal power for external use