Long fresh

Polishing floor detergent- lavender and chamomile scented

PH 7

  • Cleans and polishes in a single operation
  • Leaves a protective film that reduces dirty re-deposition
  • Intense and delicate lavender and chamomile scent

Standard packaging

5 kg tank: 3 TANK X BOX - 48 BOX X PALLET

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Polishing detergent for non-vitrified floors such as linoleum, tiles, stoneware, ceramic, wood, and vitrified parquet.


Detergent based on silicone polymers that allows cleaning and polishing in a single
Formulated to generate a protective film, it guarantees brilliance and slows down the redeposition of dirt; thanks to its neutral pH it is suitable for delicate surfaces and particularly sensitive to alkalis.
Effective against all types of dirt: grease, dust, oil and grease; It is suitable for scrubber-dryers and single-brush machines.
Intense fragrance of lavender and chamomile ensures a pleasant feeling of cleanliness in the environment.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.