Long seven

Neutral floor detergent

PH 7

  • Floor cleaner for surfaces sensitives to solvents and alkalis
  • Suitable for use in floor scrubber-dryers and sweepers
  • Excellent for linoleum and wooden floors

Standard packaging

5 kg tank: 3 TANKS X BOX - 48 BOXES X PALLET

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Specific detergent for wooden floors both vitrified and row.
Suitable for all washable surfaces: linoleum, marble, floors, tiles, doors, kitchens, sanitary fixtures.


Neutral product suitable also to clean finished floors because it does not affect the polymer films.
Effective against every kind of dirty: grease, dust, oil, fat, etc.
The formula with buffering properties makes the product particularly suitable for the pre-treatment of the surfaces that has to be waxed with polymeric films.
Low foam product therefore suitable for floor sweeping and scrubbing machines.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.