Planz early

Descaler for vegetable stone

PH 12

  • Specific for oxalates incrustation
  • Removes cooking vegetable residues
  • Prevents the formation of limestone

Standard packaging

24 kg tank: 36 TANK X PALLET

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Specific alkaline descaler for removing vegetable stone from cookers and plants


Completed product for processing cooking vegetable residues: these types of contamination are one of the less reactive, because they are mainly composed by oxalates, sulphates, and starches which disperse in a reticulum of vegetable fibres. When these components dehydrate and increase in quantity, they form a block limiting the detergent chemical action.
Formulated with an active ingredient which is able to compete with oxalate and sulphate cations, the product helps removing the starch.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.