Planz 18

Alkaline single phase detergent for CIP systems

PH 13

  • Degreases and prevents plant scaling. It is effective also on milk stone
  • Prevents foam generation in the plant
  • Suitable for dairy and generic food industry

Standard packaging

24 kg tank: 36 TANKS X PALLET

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Product used for the removal of organic and inorganic dirt in the C.I.P. plants of the
food industries (dairy, oenological, oil, canning etc. …).
Suitable for washing cheese sheets.


Single-phase alkaline, active already in cold water, removes organic and inorganic dirt.
Formulated to break down the foam resulting from the saponification of fats already at 50 ° C.
It is also used in the cleaning of silos (stainless steel, synthetic) for storing food
processing, in heat exchangers (pasteurizers, skimmers, evaporators) and in
applications where the acid passage is to be postponed.
The effectiveness of washing with C.I.P. it’s based on:
– mechanical energy (speed of the solution in the circuit)
– thermal energy (solution temperature)
– chemical energy (detergent)
To optimize the washing it is necessary to act on these variables.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.