Kilsan with citrus

Liquid disinfectant detergent rtu

PH 10

  • Cleans and sanitizes deeply
  • Registration of the Italian Ministry of Health number 20847
  • Pleasant citrus aroma

Standard packaging

750 ml bottle: 9 BOTTLES X BOX - 72 BOXES X PALLET

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Ready-to-use disinfectant cleaning liquid for the food, hotel, public businesses,
communities, schools, home network sectors.
Product designed to remove grease, oil, coffee, wine, handprints, ballpoint pens,
pencils etc. stains from any hard washable surface including tiles, kitchen cabinets,
plastic surfaces, appliances, stoves, tables.
It cleanses and disinfects in a single pass.


100 g of product contain: dodecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (CAS. 7173-51-5) 0.7 g, co-formulants and water q.s.
Virucidal (encapsulated viruses), bactericidal and yeasticidal action demonstrated by tests EN 16777 and EN 13697.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.