Effervescent chlorine tablets

PH 7

  • Effective on organic and coloured stains
  • Easy to transport and measure out
  • Sanitizes all washable surfaces

Standard packaging

1 kg jar (300 tablets): 6 JAR X BOX - 84 BOX X PALLET

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Sanitizing, detergent, degreasing, bleaching and deodorizing.
Usable for hard surfaces, kitchens, floors, bathrooms, toilets, dishes, linens, trash cans,hand wash, sanitary ware…


Suitable for use in all sectors, it guarantees time savings, thanks to its dual function and the particular formulation in tabs, which simplifies the dosage operations.
It prevents pollution of the workplace by avoiding spills, limits the problems related to the handling of loads and reduces the risk of operator contact and injury.
Each tabs releases 150 ppm of active chlorine in 10 l of water.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.