st 103

Working clothes laundry detergent

PH 9

  • Specific for synthetic oil, grease and diesel fuel
  • Effective on stratified soil
  • Leaves fabrics soft and without residue

Standard packaging

1 lt bottle: 6 BOTTLES X BOX - 100 BOXES X PALLET

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Specific detergent for washing overalls.
Highly concentrated product, usable pure for the removal of stratified dirt.


Formulated specifically designed for the removal of mineral and synthetic oil, grease and diesel oil stains from work clothes.
Complete product of soaps, wetting and sequestering surfactants, it performs an
effective degreasing action on fabrics even in the presence of hard water.
Particularly suitable for the treatment of work clothes used in mechanical factories,
metallurgical companies and workshops.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.