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Chloractive hygienizing detergent

PH 12

  • Removes grease and organic deposits in CIP systems
  • Specific for hard and ferruginous water
  • Excellent for cold wash

Standard packaging

24 kg tank: 36 TANK X PALLET

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Detergent for C.I.P. (Cleaning In Place) plants of dairy industry, ice-cream industry and for milk cooler tanks.
Suited even for oil industry, canning, fish processing, slaughter-houses, meat and sausage processing, farms, beverages industries, distilleries and liquor factories


Product specific for hard waters, it prevents the formation of calcareous scaling, granting cleaning and sanitization in a single operation.
Potassium-based formula, thanks to high washability it can be used even in cold water.
Compared to typical sanitizing principles, such as quaternary ammonium salts or amphoteric, the product has the benefit of presenting residues easily washable.
As regards bactericidal, sporicide, fungicide and virucidal action of hypochlorite, wide studies have been conducted indicating the hypochlorous acid as active agent. Yet this acid is present in significative percentages only in pH lower than 8; however, empirical proves demonstrate that alkaline hypochlorite-based sanitizing products are strongly bactericidal, probably thanks to the
synergic action together with alkali and sequestering agents.
A solution of product at 1% in water, releases 700 ppm of active chlorine.

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