Move greasy

Foam detergent for greases

PH 12

  • Removes carbonised residues from ovens and grills
  • Forms a clinging foam
  • Usable also for soaking

Standard packaging

750 ml bottle: 12 BOTTLES X BOX - 60 BOXES X PALLET
5 kg tank: 3 TANKS X BOX - 48 BOXES X PALLET

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Product formulated to penetrate, remove and dissolve without rubbing all animal fats, carbonized dirt, protein residues and other oiliness from ovens, cooking plates, grills, worktops, equipment, stainless steel hoods, floors and walls.


Quick-acting formula; thanks to the high alkalinity, it allows considerable savings of
time and energy in cleaning operations. Sprayed pure with the special dispenser, it
forms a dense clinging foam capable of removing even the most resistant carbonized
dirt. Also usable by immersion, it removes heavier greasy stains.
Suitable for removing greasy sludge in workshops and garages.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.