Acid descaler

PH 2

  • Removes scale deposits
  • Makes steel shiny
  • No dangerous vapor

Standard packaging

1 lt bottle: 6 BOTTLES X BOX - 100 BOXES X PALLET
6 kg tank: 3 TANKS X BOX - 48 BOXES X PALLET

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Phosphonitic descaler suitable for removing limescale residues from pots, cutlery, steel,
Suitable for washing machines, industrial washing machines, dishwashers, boilers, CIP
systems (cleaning in place), food industries, pasta cookers, “bain marie” tanks and for
all acid-resistant surfaces.


Balanced buffered acid with high concentration, it allows you to effortlessly solve the
most critical descaling situations without damaging the systems. Thanks to its balanced
formulation, it does not smoke in contact with water. Non-foaming formulation and
free of hydrochloric and sulfuric acids.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.