Kir 404

Superconcentrated washing up liquid

PH 7

  • Ensures the elimination of fat and grease from dishes
  • Lemon pleasantly scented
  • Pumpable product with push-button dispensers

Standard packaging

5 kg tank: 3 TANKS X BOX - 48 BOXES X PALLET

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Foaming liquid detergent for manual washing of dishes.


Particularly concentrated formula guarantees the elimination of fat and grease from
dishes, pots, glass, plastic and dishes in general.
Formulated with amphoteric surfactants, it reduces the aggressiveness of degreaser
agents preventing irritation of the skin of the operators.
Neutral product, rich in surfactants with chains of natural origin and added with
pearling agent.
Applied to the sponge keeps it sanitized preventing odors, as recommended in the
H.A.C.C.P. plans.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.