Fresh osaka

Multi purpose freshener


  • 1 product, 2 operations
  • Two-phase concentrated formula
  • Spreads an intense lotus scent

Standard packaging

1 lt bottle: 6 BOTT X BOX - 80 BOX X PALLET

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– Concentrated freshener
– Surface cleaner


Bifunctional product, maintains the fragrance over time.
Used as a perfumer it is also suitable for use on fabrics, it guarantees the deodorising effect without
ruining the colours.
Used as a detergent, it has a self-drying power and does not generate foam, allows use without rinsing and with washer-dryer machines.
Designed for every washable surface: linoleum, floors, tiles, doors, kitchens, sanitary ware, waste bins etc.
Eliminates unpleasant odours, releasing an intense perfume of lotus flowers in the environment.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.