Flos tigel

Pretreatment stain remover

PH 8

  • Eliminates grease and proteic soil
  • Suitable both for hand and machine washing
  • Specific for shirt’s collar and cuffs

Standard packaging

750 ml bottle: 12 BOTTLES X BOX - 60 BOXES X PALLET
5 kg tank: 3 TANKS X BOX - 48 BOXES X PALLET

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Specific pre-treatment stain remover to remove greasy, greasy and protein dirt from
wrists and shirt collars.
Can be used both by hand and in the washing machine as an adjuvant in the washing bath


Concentrated product, complete with soaps, wetting surfactants and solvents, it
performs an effective degreasing action even at low dosages; thanks to the gel
formulation it is particularly easy to dose.
The absence of optical bleaches makes the product suitable as a detergent for white and colored garments, even in the presence of water particularly rich in sodium.
The product can be automatically dosed in laundries and used in combination with
alkalizing, oxidizing and chlorinated bleaches; the washing cycle can be concluded with a neutralizing softener.

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