Dely ph5

Scented neutralizer softener

PH 2

  • Intense floral scented
  • Neutralizes detergent residual alkalinity
  • Eases the passage of fabric in the mangle

Standard packaging

20 kg tank: 36 TANKS X PALLET

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Concentrated adjuvant to be used in the rinsing phase; gives fabrics softness and
antistatic, neutralizing the alkaline residues of detergents.


Promotes less water retention in the tissues after unloading and spinning, saving time and energy in drying.
Formulated with lubricating properties, it reduces the formation and detachment of the hair in the rotary dryers, increasing the smoothness of the fabrics during ironing.
A destaticizing product, it reduces electrostatic charge on the fibers, favoring bending operations and avoiding mango rolling.
Low viscosity formulation, allows use with automatic dosers or peristaltic pumps.
Intense fragrance, persists on the fibers even after drying.

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