Clorex dug

Post-milking protection treatment based on chlorexidine and lactic acid

PH 6

  • Generates a chemical protective film on cow’s nipples
  • Contains emollient and moisturizing active principles
  • Easy to rinse

Standard packaging

10 kg tank: 60 TANKS X PALLET
20 kg tank: 36 TANKS X PALLET

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Post-milking filming agent for the dipping treatment of the teat of dairy cattle


Formulated with moisturizing raw materials, it improves the epidermal balance of the nipple, protecting it thanks to a double sanitizing active ingredient.
Applied regularly after milking, it keeps the skin in excellent condition, preventing the cracks typical of the winter period.
High viscosity product, stable at all temperatures; adheres perfectly along the entire nipple.
It generates a coloured film that protects the teat from external contaminants, also allowing to identify the bovines already subjected to the treatment.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.