Basic soft

Dishwasher solid detergent - all types of water

PH 12

  • Removes dirt and organic residues from dishes, glasses and tableware
  • Superconcentrated formula
  • Suitable for all water hardness

Standard packaging

4 kg caps.: 4 CAPS X BOX - 40 BOXES X PALLET

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Complete solid detergent for professional dishwashers; it is formulated to degrease and remove starch, vegetal and protein residues from pots and dishes.
This product is suitable for every type of water, it assures a great cleaning power and, at the same time, a reasonable price.


Complete product with sequestrating and suspending agents; it has as base a vegetal matrix, it reduces the coefficient of friction and improves the cleaning operations in every kind of water.
It reduces drastically the places devoted to storage and the packaging consume;
furthermore it has a low concentration and improve the quality/price ratio.
It prevents pollution on the workplace avoiding spills, it limits problems related to
handling loads, it reduces the risk of contact and possible accidents for operators.
Soluble in cold water and not hygroscopic, it does not present the tiresome problems concerning the density and concerning the control of the temperature of the dissolving water.
To make dishes and glasses more shining it is possible to use the product with a specific rinse aid according to water hardness.

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.