Avant wash

Incomplete laundry powder

PH 11

  • Without percarbonate
  • Stain removal, anti-redeposition and anti-limescale action
  • Effective on all kind of soil

Standard packaging

15 kg bag: 40 BAGS X PALLET

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Incomplete powder for washing and pre-washing extremely dirty laundry; removes
grease, grease and colored spots


Product designed for manual dosing, suitable for use in water of any hardness.
Specific formulation for washing flat linen in cotton and mixed fabric.
Product based on surfactants and chelating agents, it guarantees a high detergent
efficacy on greasy, oily and protein stains, disperses dirt particles.
Incomplete powder suitable both for cycles with pre-wash and for washing in a single bath. Designed to work both in cold and hot water, it leaves the garments pleasantly

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You can download the data sheet at the following link.