Respect the planet, choose Ecolabel


Bettari Detergents is committed to ensure a low environmental impact within the whole production process of our items through the european Ecolabel certification, which stands not only for sustainability, but also for quality!

Symbol of this goal is our Gea line, which includes these seven products:

  • Scented floor detergent Gea Lemon Pav, available in two formats;
  • Strong scented and ready-to-use degreaser Gea Sgrass, suited for several surfaces and effective against every type of dirt;
  • Multi-use detergent for glasses and mirrors Gea Vetri;
  • Bathroom cleaner descaler for your bathroom daily cleaning Gea Bagno;
  • Toilet bowl detergent descaler Gea Wc;
  • Liquid dishwashing detergent Gea Matic, available in two formats;
  • Dishwashing rinse-aid Gea Brill, available in two formats

Try our Gea line products and live green with Ecolabel!