Bettari welcomes Medisan


The decision to invest

In 2021, in a global pandemic context in which people and companies have been forced to change their needs,
we have decided to invest in expanding the range of disinfectant cleaners.

We acquired a company specialized in the production of PMC disinfectants and today we still carry out the study and development of new formulations, thanks to our expert internal Research & Development laboratory.

Our intent with the acquisition of Medisan

In this delicate historical moment our efforts are directed first of all to keep faith with our philosophy, that is oriented to the satisfaction of our customer and to the construction and maintenance of a long-lasting collaborative relationship.

With this operation, therefore, we wish to send a positive message that can transmits confidence and safety, as well as a high standard of service: “Despite the uncertainties and unpredictability of the market, we continue to work to improve and expand our offer, remaining alongside of our customers “.

Medisan: How much is the experience worth?

The company we have incorporated is a Turin company that has been working in the Italian market for several years, producing almost exclusively PMC disinfectants.

In addition to offering other products like Medisept 361 and Medisept 361 Plus, together with Medisan purchase, we gained additional experience and expertise that we can share with our customers.