Hand disinfectant gel: the new ETIXGEL formats


What is Etixgel?

It is an ethyl alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses.
This product has the huge advantage of drying quickly.

When is it used?

Etixgel is practical and useful for all those situations when washing your hands is impossible.

It guarantees adequate skin disinfection both during everyday life and in hospitals, as it is a PMC with registration of the Ministry of Health (No. 20663).

In what formats is it available?

There are 5 ETIXGEL formats that Company currently offers. In fact, 3 new packs have been added:

  • Handy 100 ml pocket vial with flip-top cap
    Who nowadays doesn’t always carry a vial of hand gel with him?
    The 100 ml pack is practical and useful to be used on the road, on public transport and in everyday life.
    This product confirms the company’s desire to always put people’s hygiene and health first, despite the fact that the company’s reference market remains the professional sector.
  • 500 ml bottle (10 bottles + 10 pumps per box)
    Ready-to-use format: perfect to place on the entrance counter of public or work places, on desks, in every common area that can be crowded, etc.
  • 1000 ml bottle (9 bottles + 9 pumps per box)
    Format that is format required by the professional sector, as the 5 liters tank.

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